Thursday, March 24, 2011

Couch 2 5K

I am so proud of my husband.  About 2 months ago, he decided (with a little encouragement from me of course) to train for a 5k.  He started it and after he completed the first two weeks I bought him a new pair of running shoes to let him know how proud I am of him!  I've encouraged him along the way and this week he completed the program and can now run for 30 min at a time without stopping!!!  WOW!!!  That is really inconceivable to me and he said it was to him when he first started.  Needless to say, he has inspired me and since the weather is so nice these days I decided I need to give it a go.  I started Monday and have completed two days of week one and I am going to blog about it as I go.  I really want to loose weight.  My goal weight is 150 and I have been "trying" off and on for two years now and I have only lost 10lbs.  I had lost 20 but I gained 10 back after going on a cruise last year!  I'm sick and tired of taking one step forward and two steps back, so its time I do something about it.  I also feel that if I do this it will help me achieve another goal and that is being consistent.  I am so bad about no having enough self discipline to either deny myself something or make myself do something and that is not a good way to be.  Then I always beat myself up afterward resulting in a viscous cycle of no self confidence.  I want to get out of this rut and this frame of mind and the only person who can help me do that is God and myself.  So... this is going to be a 100% honest blog, maybe an accountability of sorts and a log.  I am going to set short term and long term goals....So here it goes.  As of today here are my stats:

Week 1
Weight: 188
Goal weight: 185
LBS to loose:  3
Total lbs to loose: 38

Some problems I know I have is:

1.  Eating too big portions
2.  Occassionaly drinking soft drinks ( I dont do this much)
3.  Not drinking a lot of water
4.  Eating late
5.  Not working out
6.  Making "exceptions"
7.  Not keeping track of what/how much I eat

So here are my solutions:

1.  Eat from my smaller plates at home when I cook and instead of cooking a huge meal every night, only cook 1 time during the week and 1 time during the weekends.  All other meals will be something light and healthy.  Also I eat at my mom's a lot and I am going to try bringing my lunch to work (just a sandwich) and doing my couch to 5k during my lunch break) Wed. will be the only exception for lunch and as I've said before that is Mommaw's day and I will eat whatever she cooks me because it is worth it!  :) 
2.  Cut out soft drinks unless I have no other choice or my tummy hurts
3.  Drink more water (any suggestions on how I can make myself do this?)
4.  No eating after 8
5.  Couch to 5k at least 3 days a week
6.  I will be honest on my blog and hopefully this will help to keep me accountable and not make excuses
7.  I log my food into the loose it app and I will post my weekly reports on the blog for all to see!

Okay... this should be a good start.  I HAVE to do this...


  1. Hey girl! This is such a great idea! You inspire me. I may be joining you in spirit!