Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I love my dog.  I really do, but some days I just don't know what else to do and I want to throw up my hands and kick her out!!!!  If you do not feel like reading negativity, you might want to stop now because Im fixin to complain...

She sheds like CRAZY!!!! OMG WHAT CAN MAKE IT STOP!?  We brush her with the furminator, we use furminator shampoo, we put the med from the vet in her food... does it slow it down?  NO!!!  AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The ONE thing I wanted in a dog was for it to not shed....

She STILL pees and poops in her crate!  SHE IS OVER A YEAR OLD...THIS SHOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE ANYMORE....  The other day she peed on her little stuffed toy in her crate!  Yesterday she peed and pooped and then when I got home she went outside and pooped and then came back in and apparently was ashamed of messing her crate so she went to the corner and pooped and then I tried to get her to go outside and she wouldn't and so she pooped even more in the corner and smeared it all on my baseboard.... OMG I WANTED TO KILL HER!!!!  Im so sorry all you animal activists... I know you think Im a terrible person and I've probably caused all this and that I shouldn't crate her because that is cruel... but GET OVER IT!  Im not... she is a very anxious dog and everything terrifies her and she poops at the drop of a hat... or turd... whatever you want to compare it to!  Oh... yesterday she also ate her collar again... yes.. the collar that is around her neck.... HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! 

Anyway.... I cant take the shedding by itself, dogs shed, its a fact of life.  I can take the occasional poop and pee in the crate, accidents happen!  But I dont think I can take all three every single day.... Some people probably dont have a problem with any of those things, and thats great!  But I do... so... there you have it.

What makes this so hard is she REALLY is a sweet dog.  All she wants to do is play outside or curl up on your lap and sleep.  Thats all!  I wish we could leave her out of her crate while we are gone to work, but obviously she cannot be trusted and the LAST time we left her out of her crate in our spare bathroom she bit a hole through the water line in the toilet and flooded the bathroom and guest bedroom! 

She obviously doesnt like to be alone... and another dog is out of the question...

What do I do?! 

Would anyone like a cute, sweet, and mildly distructive schnauzer/something doggy?!  lol

I loved going fishing with mommy and daddy at the park!

I've never been so comfortable in my entire life...

She loves her daddy....



These are her "bat" ears!

I crochet that blanket and its her fav to lay on!



  1. My dog had really bad anxiety & would do things sort of like that. I took her to doggy training at PetSmart in Hickory & it has made a WORLD of difference in her. Lisa there is like the freaking dog whisperer! You should give it a try, for real! What else do you have to lose?!

  2. Hey there, give it some time. Our pup is almost 2 and she still poops when left home alone (we think it's out of spite) but our vet told us that it can take more than 2 years for small dogs to really be house trained, they just have a harder time with it. Just stick with it, your dog may just need to grow out of it! I hope that makes you feel a little better :)