Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was so much fun and we didnt really do anything out of the ordinary!  Saturday morning I got up and came to Lincolnton because I forgot my camera at work!  After I got my camera I decided to kill some time and run my couch to 5k route downtown on the rail trail.  I had a wonderful run!  I ran 25 min. straight and with 5 min. of walking at begining and the end I got in 2.2 miles!  After that I went and took pics of baby Ryder and then came home and relaxed with my sweet hubby! 

Sunday we woke up, got ready and drove to Bethlehem, NC to lead worship at Bethlehem Baptist.  Of course our church is Bethlehem Baptist, but this is a totally different church!  On our way, something happened that has never happened to either Nathan or myself.  We stopped to get breakfast at the McDonalds near our house and when we pulled up from ordering the car in front of us had a "Hope for Gaston" sticker on it.  I immediatly recognized it and mentioned it to Nate, and then also noticed below it was our churchs' sticker!  I said, "hey they go to Bethlehem too!"  We pulled up to pay and the guy at the window said, its already been taken care of, the car in front of you paid for it!  I couldnt believe it!  I had heard of this happening before, but it had never happened to either one of us.  It honestly made my day, it also made me proud that that person is from my church!  Im 99.9% sure they didnt know we went to Bethlehem as well because its a very large church and we honestly do not know a lot of people yet!  So off we went with a full belly and money still in our Dave Ramsey food envelope!  Worship was great at the church and the people were very nice as well.  After church we were on our way home and Nathan and I were trying to decide what to have for desert for our cook out when Nathan had the brilliant idea of homemade ice cream!  There was only one problem, we didnt have an ice cream maker.  So we stopped by the NEW Wal-Mart in Lincolnton and stocked up on all the necessities to make it!  Im sure people thought I was crazy because I was on the phone the whole time trying to find someone who could give me a good ice cream recipe.  I finally got in touch with my good friend Andrea and she gave us an awesome Pineapple ice cream recipe.  It turned out wonderful!  We got home, and Ill let the pics tell you the rest of the story!

Lisa & Eric

Nate, Matt & Eric

Lisa & Brittnye


This weekend we are headed to Myrtle Beach for Lisa and Erics wedding!  Nathan and I are doing a song for the ceremony and Im singing for their first dance!  Im sure lots of pics will follow! 

Have a great weekend!

Ryder Baby Pics

As I said in my last blog, Saturday morning I went to my sissys to help her take pics of my new nephew Ryder.   Here is what came out of it, hope you enjoy!  *Warning*  He is adorable and you may want to cuddle a newborn baby after seeing these!  :) 

Friday, June 24, 2011

More Pics and weekend fun!

These pics are from the retirement party we had at my house for my Grandma a couple weeks back!  She turned 86 and finally decided to retire from being a beautician!   Im so proud of her and I hope I am just like she is one day!  :) 

This weekend I get to help my sissy take pics of baby Ryder!  Were going to go for these looks and many more Im sure!

Im also going to work out in the yard a little so, more flower pics are to come and we are having some friends over Sunday afternoon for some cookout fun!  Hope you have an awesome weekend!