Friday, December 31, 2010

Celebrating in someone elses failure...

Recently some news has come out about someone.  A moral failure we might say.  Now I dont want to sugar coat this and act like it is something that it is not.  I will be the first to say that the crime committed is terrible, sickening, and disgusting.  But my heart breaks for this person and the family and friends that are surrounded by the situation. 

I have recently read comments on Facebook from so called "christians" who are celebrating in this moral failure.  Even calling it a "VICTORY".  This situation has NOTHING to do with these people, yet they are claiming someones failure a victory for them.  Just as this crime that was committed sickens me.  This pathetic disgraceful attitude sickens me even more.  How dare someone parade around in anothers failures.  You show me that in the bible?!  YES the bible says that vengance is his and that he will repay, BUT this situation has nothing to do with these people who are parading around in their so called "victory".  What they SHOULD be doing is falling down on their faces and praying for this family whose lives are falling apart.  How sickening is it that they would parade it around as a "victory". 

I hope you are reading this and you know who you are.... because I want you to know.... that YOU SICKEN ME.... You are pathetic and you are FAKE.  Your attitude is just as bad as this moral failure, this sin, this sick disease is just as bad as your attitude and your lies that you "heard this from God before it came out".  You are liars!  I will pray for you that God will reveal to you this sickness in your heart.  GOD did not make this person fall.  This is a sick disease called SIN.  So if you think that this is YOUR victory then this "victory" is from satan... not GOD. 

To all my other readers who are not the people being addressed, think before you speak, pray for your enemies, and follow the WORD.  Not MAN.