Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas is coming!

 I am MOSTLY decorated for Christmas, I have a few things I would like to get if I find them, but here is what I have so far! 

I made this wreath for Nathan two years ago.  He's a HUGE Duke Basketball fan!

This little tree is decorated with all the ornaments Nathan's Granny has given him over the years, plus a few ornamets of mine from the years! 

Im going to get some lights and wrap around this garland to give it a POP at night! 

We thought this stocking looked like our coco pup and the hanger is a schnauzer, which is what her mommy was!

Here is our little princess! 

 Taylor Made Music has some exciting Christmas gigs coming up soon as well!  Hope you can make it to some!

Dec 10 7-9 PM Fills Coffee Shop @ Union Road COG in Gastonia
Dec 12 10:30 AM Freedom Biker Church Hickory, NC
Dec 18 7:00 PM New Life Saturday Night Dallas, NC

"Its Where I Shot My First Deer"

I havent blogged in quite a while!  But I to blog and share this with everyone!  I have been begging my dad to take me hunting for the past two years and he FINALLY gave in!  I went to his house on Wed. afternoon and practiced shooting, here's how that turned out!

 Then on Thanksgiving afternoon we went to the woods!  My dad built this box stand on his land and this is where we hunted from.

We got up in the stand about 15 till 4 and sat there looking and quietly talking!  My nephew Caine had shot a missed a smaller deer a couple weeks ago and my dad had seen it around, so that was the one he was hoping would come out.  This is where I was looking most the time

At about 5:15 sure enough the little deer came walking out!  I sighted her in and BOOM!!!  Me and Daddy got out of the stand and tracked it through the bushes, it only went about 15 yrds.

Im pretty proud of my first deer!  It was a lot of fun and very exciting!  Im looking forward to doing it a lot more!   

I guess this is my proof for those of you who didnt know already... Im a redneck girl.... :)  And proud of it!