Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anniversary Weekend Update!

This past weekend Nathan and I celebrated three years of blissful marriage!  Okay, maybe Im being a little sarcastic. There have been more than our fair share of times we just wanted to kill each other, but what matters is we made it through them all and are stronger and more in love today than we were the day we said "I do". 

Friday night we went to a nearby town for their Friday night concert series called Belmont Live.  Is mostly shag and beach music and there is a park downtown that you just take your lawn chair and sit a spell.  The weather couldnt have been better.  It actually looked like rain, but that just cooled things off and provided a nice breeze.  We had chick fil a for supper and a red velvet cupcake!

Oh, AND.... I bought my sisters camera!  Its a cannon rebel XS... so... lots of pics to come, and if you have any photography advice, Im all ears! 

Saturday morning we woke up and went to get our massages!  Nathan thought he was going to be massaged by a man and was totally wigging out about it but he sucked it up and went and when we got there all his dreams came true and was massaged by a lady!  haha  The spa we went to is called Buoyance and I highly reccomend them.  We found them on Groupon and it is a husband and wife team and they are wonderful.  I got a pretty good ego boost when he was massaging my legs he couldnt beleive how muscular they are!  He thought I was some sort of athlete.  He works on athletes here and at all the summer Olympics!  It was the gift that keeps on giving because I am always paranoid about my legs because I think they look fat because they are so big but he insisted that they are mostly all muscle!  
Next we went home and took a nap with this new app called Nap26.  I had heard about it and wanted to try it... it was neat, I fell asleep, but I dont know that I wouldnt have fallen asleep anyway.  I will try it again soon.  We watched super size me on Netflix and then got ready to go on our date night!

We went to String Bean and I had a flatbread pizza that was sooo good!  And then we went to see Super 8.  It had a Goonies feel to it and was good for the most part.  I dont really care for alien movies but this had alien movie written all over it.  I think they should have kept the monster hidden the whole time and you never really found out what it was or something.  I dont know, I just was dissapointed to find out it was a big scary alien!  

Sunday, Nathan played guitar at church and his family came to church with us.  We wanted to do something for his dad for fathers day, so we took them out to eat at a new restraunt called Nicks in downtown Gastonia.  You can read my review here.   It is not a good one....unbelievable....  I was SO excited about going because it looks so neat!  After we ate, we went to my sisters house to swim a little and to see baby Ryder!  He was born Thursday!  

Uncle Nate Nate and Ryder Thomas Carrigan

That turned into a fun night and the guys cooked Low Country Boil and we had a good ole time!  On our way home we made a pit stop to my mom and dads to tell him happy Fathers day and to give him his card and Braves tickets!  My dad is the definition of a good ole country boy, so he didnt know waht to think about going to a big game like that, but I think he will enjoy it!  

Okay, that is all for now, more pics to come when I get time to edit.  I desperately need a new computer, because mine is about 6 years old and SLOW AS MOLASSES! 


  1. Congratulations to you and your hubby! :)

  2. Wow sounds like u are one busy girl! Congrats on 3 years :)

  3. Wow, is everyone line dancing in that photo? That looks like an absolute blast. I miss NC!