Thursday, March 17, 2011 more coco...and other stuff

Our friend Chewy came and got Coco and all her belongings yesterday and took her to his parents house that is her new home.  When I got home yesterday it was sad because I didn't have her to let our or her jumping on me saying WELCOME HOME MOMMY!!!!  Not that she did that alot anyway.. half the time she acted scared and just wanted to get outside and pee.  When Nathan got home though that was a different story... she would go NUTS everyday when she hear his truck pull up in the drive.  Im REALLY going to miss her, and already am.  Thankfully we had some friends over last night to practice and learn songs for the Art Crawl in downtown Lincolnton this Friday, so that kind of kept our minds off of everything.  I just have to keep reminding myself that we cant be there for her enough and that is why she kept messing in her crate and acting crazy and peeing in the floor and pooping.  Also I remind myself that I can confidently wear black again without taking half of her with me!  I'll also get my house back and part of my living room and my floors will not be NEAR as filthy.  But I will miss playing with her outside... she always made me smile when she would run and run and run.  The good thing is, we know the people who have her so we can see her anytime we want and have play dates with her if we want to lol so silly I know...

Anyway, back to the Art Crawl.  I'm very excited about it, this is the third year and I've heard that it is really growing.  Downtown Lincolnton is such a nice place to come walk in the evenings I think they should do more things like this, but alas... they don't ask me and the old people around here wouldn't have it, so you have to take it when you can get it!  Nathan and I are playing at a church in downtown called Freedom Church.  They will be serving refreshments as well as other pieces of artwork and of course our art is our songs and music we have written.  I have a new friend singing with me tomorrow as well!  Since we are just doing an acoustic set I thought it would be great if I could have someone singing harmony with me and it would just add so much, so that is what we are doing and if it goes anything like it did last night its going to sound great!  I'm so thankful that God puts people in our paths at the right time.  She is also singing with us on Saturday night at Dallas Wesleyan New Life Saturday Night service.  This will be the first time we have done and all acoustic set there as well so Im excited to see how it is received.  They are having a wing cookoff before the service and Nathan and I get to be the judges of it!  YES!  I LOVE WINGS!  :)  But before that service on Saturday, of course Im going to be working in my yard!  Its supposed to be in the 80's this weekend so I plan to be outdoors as much as possible!  Last weekend I didnt get to do a lot but I will have more time this Saturday so hopefully I can get the front cleaned up and out and looking good! 

Sunday is church and then going to hang out with my mom and dad in Lincolnton, they are going to fix us supper!  YUM! 

Oh... and... I got the yarn to start the baby blanket for Ryder (my sisters pregnant).  Although I will not be posting pics until I give it to her, I want it to be a surprise because its gonna be pretty awesome!  haha  AND I have another surprise for her but I cannot mention it yet, but pics to come when I can post them!

Hope yall have a good weekend!!


  1. A doggie, singing, AND wings?!?! Amazing! Sounds like my kind of week :) Great post!

  2. Hey!I just found your blog from 20 something bloggers! Love it! Good luck on the baby blanket :)