Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lunch with Mommaw

Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week.  Not the weekend, but the work week.  This is for several reasons.

1.  Its almost the weekend
2.  We have small group and I enjoy it very much
3.  Last but not least and most importantly I eat lunch with my Mommaw on Wednesdays!

Normally I go to her house and she fixes a HUGE spread of food.  She never just "makes a sandwich."  She usually has it ready sitting on the table for me when I arrive and we make small talk about how our week has been, whats going on with who in the family, cooking, flowers, her customers (she is 85 and still does hair in her beauty shop next to her house!), and just life in general.

Today however I wanted to take HER out to eat for a change so we went to a little place in Lincolnton called The House of Pizza.  I had my usual, and when I say usual I mean the waitress already puts my order in whithout even telling her!  Mommaw had a Reuben.  I tried a sample of it today and it was very good.  I might actually branch out next time and try that!  Anyway we had a really good time getting out today AND Mommaw got lots of compliments!  A man at the bank told me she was very pretty and the waitress complimented her to!  Her face lit up! She is a very pretty woman and does not look or act her age!  I hope I have the energy she has when Im that age!

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  1. Sweet post LaLa!! It made me tear up!! Mommaw is one special lady!!