Friday, March 11, 2011

No More Coco and weekend plans

Wed. night we had small group at our house.  There are about 4 couples who usually come and we have a great time!  When everyone arrived Coco was ecstatic jumping on everyone (embarrassing) shedding on everyone (even more embarrassing) and acting like she wanted to play but when Matt started to play with her she was suddenly terrified of him... (Im pretty sure she might be bi-polar.)  Any way she finally calmed down and we fed her while we were having our bible study, and after she was fed we took her out twice.   She eventually got in her bed and fell asleep while everyone was still there.  Everyone left and she got up to tell them by and Nate and I went in the kitchen to clean up a little and she peed in the kitchen floor right in front of us!  As I have previously said in my blog we have been having a lot of problems about her doing this, but never before has she just squatted in the floor right in front of us and peed!  So... I cannot take it anymore.  We have tried everything we know, and I cant stand all the shedding.  We have been washing her every other day with the furminator shampoo, we brush her with the furminator brush, and put a suppliment in her food to help the shedding... im pretty sure its getting worse! 

So we told all our friends that we want to give her a new home and luckily our friend who takes her out during the day, his parents want her!  Im happy about this because I REALLY do love her.  She is a sweet sweet dog, so we can still see her if we want to, and we know she will be in a really good home.  They are home all day so she will always have someone with her and she can still play with her best friend Rigby!  I am a little sad because I will miss her curling up on my lap and sleeping and cuddling, and I will also miss watching her play outside in our yard, but I will love to have my clean dog hair free house back!

So for the weekend tomorrow I plan to work in my yard.  I need to get the leaves out of the beds and pull the weeks that have taken over everything.  Then Saturday afternoon my neice Tori has a cheer competition and Im excited to see her.  This  is the first one I've been able to go to and its right near my house!  After that we are meeting some friends at Jax in Belmont and then going to bed EARLY!  We have to be at church for rehersal at 7:15 and with the time change that really means it will be 6:15!  We will play both services at church and then drive to Lincolnton for a wedding.  Then back home to relax and get ready for Monday all over again!  But tonight is Sara Evans!!  My husband is so sweet, we were planning on going together but a girl in our small group really wanted to go (its sold out) so he volunteered to stay home so she could go with me instead!  (Im pretty sure its because Duke is playing tonight)  So...

Let the fun begin!

Here are some pics of the concert last night with John Mark McMillan!  He played some new stuff and I cant wait for September when his new album is released!

Im pretty sure his pants could not have been any tighter! 
Seriously...where do you even buy pants like that... ugh!
THE John Mark!

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