Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whats ahead?!

So as you know my hubby was in a wedding this weekend and it was a blast!  It was definatly a long day, but worth it in the end.  The reception was gorgeous, I wish I would have taken more pics of all the decor...boo for me!  Nathan danced at the wedding and that made it pretty much the funnest thing I've ever done!  He is so crazy! 

Here are a couple pics of us on Saturday!

Yes, my man is the most handsome in this lineup! :)
The lovely Bride and Groom

Nathan and Mark (the groom) being silly!
This week is a busy one.  Tonight we have practice at Bethlehem Church because we are on the worship team for this Sunday.  Its our first time and we are very excited but Im a little nervous!  I know it will be great though.  Tomorrow we are hosting our small group at our house.  We are currently reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  This book will step on your toes and really make you take a step back and realize exactly who and what you are!  I think I will make Taco Dip to snack on for that.  Then, Thursday we are going to see our FAVORITE song writer of all time... John Mark McMillan.  This man is a lyrical genius!  Check out this song, its my fav...just the music makes me cry!  And Friday we are going to see one of my favorite country singers... Sara Evans!!!  She is going to be playing a show at Coyote Joes in Charlotte which is a pretty small venue for her to play in so Im SUPER excited that I get to see her there!  Tickets are only 12.00 AND you get a copy of her new cd with it!  Saturday is yard work day and my neice Tori has a cheer competition as well.  Then Sunday we get to play both services at Bethlehem then head to Lincolnton to play some acoustic music for a wedding!  Holy Cow Im tired already!

Hows your week shaping up? 

Oh, and I have to brag on myself... I have lost 4.5lbs!!!  :)  Yay for me!!  I have not been eating supper and I think this is really helping.  But... it really stinks because I LOVE to cook so I have been having to make a big sacrifice, but so far its paying off!

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