Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday?...For real?

I cannot believe its FRIDAY!  This week has flown by and the weekend is already here again!  Im thankful for that!

This weekend will be full of wedding!  Nathans good friend Mark is getting married and Nathan is a groomsman.  Rehersal is tonight at Church at Charlotte near the southpark area, the rehersal dinner is in Indian Land, SC and the reception tomorrow is a the Birkdale Country Club!  Its gonna be interesting!

I was outside in my yard last Sunday afternoon and I had previously thought I would buy a large window box planter to put on my kitchen window that is on my deck, but I thought last week that an old bench would be so cute to sit pots on!  So Im on the search!  I found this on Etsy, but thats WAY out of my price range, I want cheap!  :)  and I wouldn't really want or have to have a back or arms on it.  

Any suggestions where to look?  Have a great weekend!

Oh, and here are some lovely camellias I clipped from my bush!  Bring on SPRING!!!!


  1. Happy Friday! Have fun at the wedding. That bench is cute but I see what you mean, it would be nice without arms or a back.

  2. It doesn't even feel like a (well now) Saturday...I love the pictures on your blog by the way :)