Monday, March 28, 2011

This weekend was wonderful, but as always too short!  Unfortunatly Mother Nature has decided that it is no longer spring, but WINTER again... BOO...that is what I have to say about it!  It has gone from beautiful and sunny to yucky, cold, and rainy in a matter of a few days.  Hubs and I was going to buy flowers and do yard work on Saturday but thankfully we decided to wait because of the nasty weather.  Im glad too because I think its way too cold and might have damaged the plants.  So instead of working all day we did the EXACT opposite!  We were SO LAZY ALL DAY!  I know this is probably TMI, but I didnt even put on pants until 5 when we had to get ready to go to our small group supper!  It was such a good day!  We just laid on the couch and watch movies.  We watched Police Acadamy 2 and 3.  Slingblade, and The Last Song.  If you have been following me for any time at all you know that I just read The Last Song, and it was an excellent book.  The movie was so so, but the worst part was having to watch Miley Cirus the whole time.  Can someone PLEASE explain her mouth/lips/teeth to me?!  This girl makes all the money in the world yet she has a face that makes me irritated everytime I see it!  Is it necessary to pooch your lips out all the time?  And when they are not pooched she has this stupid look like someone just punched her in her mouth and her upper lip is swollen to the point it cannot cover her front teeth... ECK... Im sorry, I try to find the good in everything, but she should not be an actress.... Okay... off my soap box!  We had an awesome time at our small group supper, met some new friends and ate some excellent food.  I dont have a picture of it but i took my Chicken Lasagna, which is honestly probably my favorite dish to cook.  Sunday morning we went to Freedom Biker Church in Hickory and lead worship for them, then came to Target to pick up a few things.  This is where the fun started.  I've been wanting another patio table to go on my patio.  We only have 1 out on our deck and when we have more than a few friends over we wind up eating inside because there isnt enough room outside table wise.  So we saw some things at target but wanted to check out home depot after that.  We went there and came out with this bad boy!  I havent put it together yet because of the nasty weather yesterday but I think I will put it together Tuesday!  I now have 8 chairs at a table and 12 all together!  Its party time!!!!  :)

We then came home and cooked this lovely dish.  I made the rice which is:  

1 1/2 cups white rice
1 can french onion soup
14 oz beef broth
1/4 cup butter

mix it all up cover it and put it in the oven at 350 for 1 hour.  After 30 min. take it out and stir.  

My sweet hubs made the pork chops, I was tired and he always says he cannot cook in the kitchen so I challenged him with this Paula Dean Pork Chop recipe.  While he was cooking I was going through all my cooking magazines tearing our recipes to file because I seriously have TOO MANY MAGAZINES!  I could hear him cooking the chops in my cast iron frying pan and it sounded like it was I just offered him a piece of advise that he might want to cut the heat down since he was using the cast iron pan... he said it wasnt too hot and that it was fine... so I went about my business... It still sounded REALLY hot and I was starting to smell burntness so I got up and went in the kitchen to find a THICK cloud of smoke!!!!  About 2 min. later CPI security offered to send the fire trucks!  Dont worry, no fire ever happened, just smoked it up some (something I've done a time or two!) Nate was a little dissapointed in himself for it, but the food was still excellent, he only burned the grease in the pan!  I think it was a successful cooking experience for him and hopefully he will have more confidence off of the grill!  He also built me a nice cozy fire in our fireplace.  It was SO warm we even still had hot coals this morning when we woke up!  Normally it is already gone by then. 

Tomorrow I will update you with my weight loss, I have not got to complete my week 1 of running yet because of this terrible weather.  Im planning on running this afternoon when I get off work because its not supposed to be raining.  Just cold!  

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