Sunday, March 7, 2010

What A Week.....

I've postponed writing this blog until I could sit down and relax a bit.  This week was INSAAAAAIIINNNNEEEE!!!!  I got ready for my trip to Raleigh for loan training on Monday and left at lunch, safe trip down there and had a great time.  But Nathan txted me Monday night saying that he came home to a bathroom full of water, and coco sitting up on the sink shaking like a leaf!  She bit a hole through the water line that goes to the toilet in the guest bathroom where we had been keeping her.  It soaked beneath the tile and into the guest bedroom.  Thank God I was not here, or she may have not been a Taylor any longer!  lol j/k, I know I know, she's just a puppy.  But anyway, Nate called the insurance co and they sent people out with big heated industrial fans to get the water out of our floors.  These fans had to run non stop for three days.  I am scared to see our power and water bill after this one!  One day the fan guys came and said that our bathroom was 99 degrees!  So, I came home to a hot, wet, loud house!  We finally got it all cleared up and they had to spray an antimicrobial agent into the floors to make sure that we dont get mold and mildew.  They finally came and got the fans, and put our carpet back down, and everything was back to normal by Friday night.  So Saturday I spent cleaning cleaning cleaning and then we went to eat at my new fav little restraunt in Belmont (thanks to Becky)  called Sammys!  They have AWESOME sandwhiches, you should try it if your in the area, then some friends came over and we watched Duke STOMP some Carolina!  Well, I actually only watched half of  it because I fell asleep halfway through.  Nate and Miranda was really happy, Jed was mad, and I really didnt care either way except that I know how much Nate loves Duke, so I am a Duke fan for his sake!  So then today, we went to Freedom Biker Church in Hickory, NC and led worship with them.  We always love being with them, it makes me want to get a tat and ride a bike haha, neither of which I will probably ever do because Im too big of a chicken.  Then to Wild Wok for lunch.  Wonderful chinese food, if you get a chance go there too!  Then to Aldi for some grocery shopping, which can I say that Aldi is pretty much the best store EVER!!!!  Their veggies are fresher than most of the big chain stores and the prices on everything are so much cheaper.  I did a little research and found out that Aldi is actually owned by the same family who owns and manages Trader Joes.  So that would be why their stuff is so good maybe?  Then mom, dad, and mommaw came over to meet little Coco!  Im tired just from writing this... good night! 

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  1. What a week La La!! Hope this weeks is better!! Miss Ya and Love Ya