Monday, March 8, 2010

Another CRAPPY day..

literally!  Now all of you positive thinkers out there, dont jump down my negative speaking throat just yet because when I say I've had a crappy day.  Im speaking quite literally.  You see this morning Nathan and I woke up to go to the gym, which we havent done in a while because of my knee, the weather, belly aches, you know all the normal we just dont feel like going to the gym excuses, and everything was great.  Even though my knee still hurts ( I fell one Saturday morning on the icy deck trying to take CoCo out to pee so she didnt do it in the house) I still made myself run 1/2 a mile before it started to hurt, so I was pretty happy with my workout.  We came home, by now its about 6:30am and I made myself a nice bowl of oatmeal and Nate a bowl of frosted flakes with a banana sliced in it.  I had JUST sat down to start on my oatmeal with Nate yelled across the house for me to "come here"  I could tell by his tone he wasnt happy about the reason I had to "come here".... so.... I went.  And this is where the crappy part comes in!  Water, yes WATER, the same topic of my last blog, was pouring out of the bottom of the toilet, the tub was full of water, the guest bathroom toilet was gushing water, and the tub in the guest bathroom was barfing up...shower leftovers.... UCK... We grabbed every "old" towel we could find, shut off the water, and called my bro n law Chris, who is a plumber.  He told us its probably our septic tank.  So we are lucky that there wasnt crapp spewing everywhere instead of water!  Thank you Lord!  :)  The pots finally stopped leaking and Nate stayed home today to get someone out there to pump the tank.  Someone came about 1:30, and Nate said that was the nastiest thing he had ever seen!  The guy took his shovel and tapped the top of the "sludge" and it was HARD... EEWWW!!!!  He said he doubted if the tank had ever been pumped and the house is 20 years old!  Can you imagine, 20 years of CRAP!  OMG!!!  Thats pretty hard core right there, I dont know what I would have done if 20 years of crap would have started oozing out my toilets and tubs and sinks instead of just plain ol water.  So, that is done, BUT the stuff is still clogged up.  How exciting is that?!  I hope this isnt the beginning of a vicious trend of horrible Mondays.  You know how sometimes the weather gets on a cycle of snowing every Wed. or raining every Saturday.  This will not be good if it is going to be a habit, and I can just tell you right now that it will NOT be because I just wont allow it.  From today on, "I do declare" - michael scott, the office, that there will be NO MORE CRAPPY MONDAYS!!!!  :)

Looks like a job for THIS guy....  

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