Monday, March 15, 2010

A GOOD Monday :)

My last blog I was complaining about my Mondays and at the end I said NO MORE!  No more crazyness, it must stop!  Thank God this is such a better start to the week! 

I had such an awesome weekend.  Im so blessed to have family and friends and my wonderfully hubby.  You know we dont thank God enough in the good times, we tend to just pray for him to get us out of the bad times.  And I just want to say Thank you Lord, because I am so blessed! 

Saturday I finally got Nates man room pretty much picked up.  It had morphed into our "junk" room for over a month and it was beginning to make me crazy!  I got a lot of things put up in our attic.  You know I wish I was one of those people who could just throw stuff away, but I just cant.  I mean obveously we havent needed it in a while since its been sitting there and got sent to the attic, but its just one of those things that I will eventually throw away the next time I move and dont want to drag it to my next house to clutter up, but for now we will keep it.  I have still have some stuff over at my moms that I have to get too, which makes me depressed, but thats okay Ill find a corner of the attic to stack it in and we will be good to go again.  Anyway, I cleaned taht mess up and got my house straightened up and then met my sissy and mom at Kirklands for their little weekend sale.  I found a beautiful picture to hang in my living room, I'll update you with a pic once Nate and I get it hung...straight... which will probably be a whole other blog in itself!  Then we went to the mall and looked around.  I was so greatful to get to get out of the house because the ACC tournametn was on.  When Nate and I got married, I told him he could watch as much of any sport he wanted and I would watch it with him except for racing and golf.  Luckily he is not into either of those much, so i get overdosed with football and Duke basketball.  I have really grown to love both of them, but I am not as hard core bout Duke as Nate is.  I will cheer them on and be sad when they loose, but its just not something I want to do on Saturdays.  So while I was out shopping, Nate was watching the game!  It worked out really well because he gets in heated screaming matches with the TV when they are doing bad and of course I try to be realistic and calm him down which only makes things worse because then he holds it in and wont talk till the game is over.  So I think we have finally found the best solution!  Me+leave him alone during the game = happy Nate lol

After shopping Nate took me out on a date!  We do things all the time, but most of the time its with other people, or we are singing somewhere.  So we went bowling, and out to eat for pizza and let me tell you I just had the time of my life!  I dont think I have laughed so hard in years.  Nathan is a funny funny guy, and I would tell you what was so funny, but it was one of those you just had to be there moments.  And of course we ended our romantic date with Krispy Kreme!  Chocolate covered cream filled is my FAV and I gained 1lb over the weekend too... BOOO

Sunday was a wonderful day too, we got a band together and lead worship at a new church in Gastonia called My Fathers House.  Its located at the Y off Union Road, go check it out if your in the area! 

My neice Tori is in Cheer Xplosion, a cheer competition team, and she competed at UNCC, so all the girls went to watch her and then eat for Kimmies birthday.  Which leads me to my next rant....

HOW COULD ANYONE NOT LIKE THE OFFICE?!!!!  My sisters think its the stupidest show ever and its annoying, but I think its the funniest show ever!  I told them a joke from it and they burst out in mocking laughter at the cheesecake factory last night!  Okay, please make a comment on this if you like or dislike the office I want to know! 


  1. i LOVE the office!!! at first, i thought it was dumb too (crazy, huh?), but after 2 episodes i was hooked. now, i literally laugh out loud at almost every episode....what other show makes you LOL?!?!

  2. Amber, you need to have a talk with my sister Kim! She thinks its the stupidest show in the world!

    Nathan has got me kind of hooked on My Name Is Earl. at first I thought that it was stupid, but now its pretty hilarious because its sooooo redneck, and it reminds me of some people in Lincolnton!

    I also love Mr. Brown on TBS, anything that Tyler Perry does makes me laugh!