Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring = Flowers

Nathan and I bought our house in November, and from the moment we saw the house we loved it!  I remember coming back to our apartment after seeing this house for the first time and us both jumping around and doing the "happy dance".  (In case you dont know what the "happy dance" is, you pretty much just move your body any ridiculous way you can think of to show your enthusiasm and happiness about the situation at hand.)  I remember Nathan saying, "baby, this is the house God has for us."  When he said those words, I knew it was the one too, and as God would have it, it IS the house God had for us.  I could go on and on about our house searching and the things we learned, which were a LOT, and the things we hated, and loved, but this blog would be a book.  The house is perfect for us in many ways, and like all houses, there are things we immediatly changed, things we are changing, and then there is my LIST.  On the very top of my list is the yard.  Of course we have to wait until spring is fully sprung to start doing a lot of my honey dos, but this 70 degree weekend is making me itch to rip up some bushes!

These bushes have been #1 on my list since I laid eyes on them, and I cant tell you how bad I want to hook a chain up to them and just rip them up out of the ground, and if I have my way in it at all...I will be driving the truck when they come up!  I am falling in love with gardening, flowers, and landscaping.  Right now I know next to NOTHING about the subject, but I love learning new things about it so I think this is slowly becoming my new hobby.  The tree's in this picture are dogwoods, they might be dead, we should know in a couple more weeks when everything is in full bloom.  I really hope they are alive they will be so beautiful if they are Im sure.  This year I want to plant hydrangias, I think they are so beautiful,  and  yellow bell bushes.  I already have a camelia bush as you can see. It has made a baby right below it, so I will probably move the baby to another part of the house!  This bush is gorgeous, its been blooming all winter.  It will bloom and then it snowed, the flowers would die, but the next warm day there would be new buds sprouting out everywhere!  Im also planning on planting a curly willow, Nates mom has a beautiful tree at her house and we rooted and planted one in china grove that had started to grow nicley when we sold the house.

Also on my list is build a patio!  This can get rather expensive, so this year we are going to focus on the flowers beds and landscaping, and next year Im planning on tackling the patio, BUT, I want it to be surrounded by trees, flowers and shrubs, so I think I will plant some things near where I want the patio to be so there will already be some larger things around it! 

Since Im new at this whole gardeing/flower stuff, do you have any plants, trees, or shrubs you would like to suggest for me to try?!  

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