Monday, March 29, 2010

Yard Plans

Im SOOOOOO excited about my yard!  I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas to get here!  Nathans parents and Granny came over Saturday for an early dinner and we went outside and planned out my landscaping.  Not this weekend but the next we are going to get it started!  So to continue our excitement after Nates family left, we went window shopping at Home Depot to see what kind of flowers, shrubs, etc we liked!  There were Japanese Maples near the front for 100.00 a peice, these are expensive trees, Im not really sure why, but they are.  I LOVE them too, they have beautiful red leaves!  So we were looking back in the back and I saw some small baby trees with no leaves on them and it looked like Japanese Maples and sure enough it was!  FOR 20.00!!!!  I made sure and ask if it was just because they were baby trees and not very mature yet and they said that was the reason for the low price, so we bought two!!! 

Here are my plans:

Front yard:  cut down the dead dogwood tree, thank God only 1 is dead, the other two are about to bloom!  Rip up the enormous bushes in the front yard. Plant a Japanese Maple somewhere in the front beds and some more bushes and flowers.  Not sure exactly on the rest yet.

Side of the house:  There are some mums there now, we may move them elsewhere, because this will be my herb/ veggie garden.  Im planning on planting rosemary, basil, oregano, dill, maybe some other spices and maybe tomato, jalapeno, squash, and zuchini.  Like I said, nothing is in stone yet, but this is what the plans are.  Im going to plant these there because its right off from the kitchen, so it will be easily accessed when Im cooking and in need of fresh herbs and veggies!

Patio Planning:  Patio pavers are really expensive so I have that project lined up for NEXT spring, but for now, Im going to go ahead and plant a screen around where the patio will be so next year there will be mature trees and shrubs there to provide more coverage.  Nates mom gave me some curly willow tree cuttings that I am rooting inside right now, they will probably go in this area along with bushes and ornamental tall grass and flowers.  I want to include some hydrangias throughout this also as well as in the back!  This week Im going to kill the grass there...this is one of my favorite things to do!  haha, dont ask me why, but Its just fun carrying around the pump and spraying every weed in sight! 

Back Corner and tree line:  I have snow drops, Iris, mums and some other things growing in the back corner of our lot, so in addition I will plant a couple hydrangia bushes back there  to be viewed from the patio!  Also along the tree line there will be azalea bushes.  Im buying the small bushes because they are cheaper, they wont look quite like I want them to this year because they are babies, but in a couple years they will be a beautiful boarder of color!

Okay these are the plans so far, when its all complete, Ill post pics of the after! btw...these pics were taken when we moved in  in the fall...those leaves are long gone, Nate would have a cow about that. He does so good with the yard, He's very excited about putting the fertilizer on it and getting it nice and green.  In the fall were planning on areating and also planting more grass seed!  One step at a time though....   :)

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