Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yardsale Success!

I am just now recoving from the crazy weekend that we had, it was busy, but we got a lot accomplished!  I love weekends like that! 

At about 5:30 Saturday morning I sat straight up in bed and remember that I forgot to get change for the yardsale!  So I scrambled out of bed and rummaged through every nook and cranny I could imagine would have had some quarters or dollars in it!  By 6AM I had $50 to work with!  We started putting out our yardsale things and at about 6:30 we had our first customer.  Our next door neighbor was also having a yard sale as well as two more neighbors on a different street.  This was all a welcome surprise as the traffic had to drive past my house to get to the rest of the sales!  At the end of the day.... we cleared 400.00!!!!  I was seriously doubting we would MAYBE clear 100.00 but boy was I happily proved wrong.  One lady even begged us to sale her our card table set!  We were not planning on it, but we thought..why not.  We took the things we didnt sale to Goodwill afterwards and that was not a lot, just some clothes and maybe a box or two of odds and ends. 

We ran some errands and then came back home and worked in the yard and grilled out and relaxed.  It was a great day!  Sunday we went to see our friend preach at his church then ate at the Thai House.  I had Pad Thai, not sure what it was exactly, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and Nathan had something with coconut milk and pineapple that was a little spicy.  I think Im going to get that next time because it was pretty tasty.  Sunday night I went to a Mother Daughter banquet at my moms church.  She was in charge of it and she did a fantastic job as usual!  She is so talented! 

Im VERY excited about this weekend because it is time for my Sissys baby shower!!!  I've posted before about the invites and cupcakes, but its finally here and I cant wait to make the day so special for her.  Monday night I made all my chocolate garnishes to go on the cupcakes.  Tomorrow night Im going to bake and Friday night I will decorate them.  Im going to make 6 dozen.  I have never made that many before and Im pretty new to baking but Im very excited because the trial ones turned out so wonderful. 

Enough about the shower, I will post a recap next week! 

I hope everyone is enjoying spring.. Ill leave you with some pics from my garden!  :)


Knock Out Rose

My custom bird feeder and my crazy husband!

Bearded Iris

Japanese Maple (I got it as a baby last year for $20.00!)

The patio(no fresh mulch out yet, but its coming soon!)

My sweet neighbor Mrs Charlotte brought over this Peony

Hydrangea about to BLOOM



There are the giveaways for Sissys shower Saturday!  I got the pots from Michaels and the Gerber Daisys from Home Depot.

I bought this plant last season from Lowes on the clearance stand for 1.00 because it looked so terrible.  I put it in the ground, watered, and I believe its going to be one of my most beautiful plants this year!


  1. $400?! Holy guacamole! That's a true blessing right there.

    Love your garden photos. I am beyond impressed!

  2. $400? What did you sell, your car?