Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Im over it

I feel like I should appologize for broadcasting my low self esteem yesterday.  Its really no ones business but mine, but sometimes I just want to say it outloud how dissapointed in myself I am... and no one really reads this except for Kimmie anyway... so I basically just vented to my sister!  Thanks for being there and encouraging me sissy!  I love you!

Today is a new day, and I am the kind of person that has to have a "plan."  I like guidelines to live by.  My husband is completly opposite, but I like to have some rules so that when I approach a "gray" area I can look over and say... well... the rule is THIS... so i should or shouldn't do it.  Now when I have a plan and a goal and Im not meeting that goal, then obviously its a bad plan or I am not following it, so I then search for a new plan!  Because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results... Im not insane... SO...Im continuing my Couch 2 5k training because I KNOW I need that and for this week Im going to try a new eating plan.  I found this meal plan of 1200 calories, made a shopping list and bought everything I would need for the rest of this week.  Honestly this grocery trip will last more than 1 week because you use so little of everything.  That is my beef with meal plans... it tells you to buy all this stuff... and then you only use a little dab and they plan something different every day.  I would like to find a plan that uses the same stuff that week so you dont waste food.... but since this is NOT that kind of plan, Im just going to eat the same things until I run out!  I also do not plan to follow this plan forever.  My goal with it is to #1 lose weight #2 retrain my brain to eat more fruit and veggies and to eat the correct portion sizes.  I know this is my problem, so hopefully this will help correct it. 

I want to brag on my husband a little.  He knew how down I was about my weight yesterday and I went to a jewelry party after work and sent him on a grocery store run.  He is a much better grocery shopper than me btw.  I got home and he was practicing guitar for church on Sunday and when I finally finished packing my lunch for today we were both tired and decided to call it a night.  So I went in my room and hopped in bed and when I stuck my feet down in the covers my foot hit something that felt like a book or something so I threw back the covers and there lay a card with my name on it and a health magazine with Miranda Lambert (one of my fav. country singers)  The card was so sweet and it basically said that he enjoyed spending every second with me this weekend and he loves spending every day with me and that I make him happy!  :)  He is precious!

This weekend was a good one!  We worked our tails off putting out fresh mulch.  We are not 100% finished, but when we are, I will post pics of the entire yard!  Im SO excited about my veggies I planted this year.  Tomato, Squash, Zuchini, Jalapeno, Jabenero, Cantelope, and Nathan is going to build me a raised herb garden soon and Im going to buy all new herbs... I had some already but they have TAKEN OVER!!!  SCARY!!

Hope everyone is having a good week! As always, Ill leave you with some pics!

Last Thursday we went to see Caine play baseball!  He was AWESOME!

Not really sure why he crossed his eyes in this pic, but it was the cutest moment ever... I told him to smile and say cheese so he hopped up in the chair, put his hands in his lap and said...CHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

This is my newest container, Im not sure what the big plant it, I bought it from Aldi a while back and just now got around to planting it, I also have lantana and a new Guinea impatient in there. 

This is the oregano I clipped off my plant...like I said... out of control!  Anyone want some?!

I bought this plant last year at Lowes at the end of season for $1  it looked terrible, but I stuck it in the ground and its SO beautiful this year!  I dont know what it is! 

Lantana in a container

My favorite flower!


  1. I read your blog too!! I am a bit behind so had to rewind to see what you were referring to! Just don't give up. I have put it all off until after I'm out of the dorm & back to living a "normal" life so, the time has come! I will be getting a gym membership soon. I say after I finish unpacking, but that may never happen! Just do what you can & be thankful you have a very supportive husband who loves you no matter what!!!

  2. Thanks girl! :) R u excited to be finished?