Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weight Update and a sore mouth

No, my mouth isnt sore from eating so much... I had the second stage of my tooth implant done yesterday and I look a little like I have dip in my lip!  A new tooth and stitches make it a little sore, but Im thankful that Im on the downhill slope of this whole process! 

Weight Update:

Todays Weight 185.2
LBs to Go: 5.2 to get to 180

I have ran 2 days this week, and Im hoping to feel well enough to run tonigth.  I wasnt sure if I should run just having this work done, but Im going to give it a shot tonight. 

I had a bowl of Brown Cow by Mayfield last night... its my most FAVORITE Ice cream in the WORLD.  OMG its SO GOOD!!!!  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is why Im fat.....

Also, tonight is the first round of the NFL Draft.  I think Nathan and I are going to grill some chicken and watch the Panthers blow their first round pick, then were gonna get up in the attic and start cleaning out for our yard sale Saturday! 

Also, be praying for all the people in the south effected by the tornados.  We once again got lucky and did not have any damage.  It makes me sick when I see the pictures on TV of the devistation. 


  1. Oh...I empathize. I HATE the dentist. So much so that I usually cry during my cleanings. Not sobbing or anything...just a stream of tears. Hope you feel better and are almost done with that so you can be dentist free soon!

  2. I'm the same way- terrified of the dentist! Good luck with the yard sale this weekend! :)