Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend fun

Its been a while since I posted and I have very good reason!  I've been BUSY! Last Wed. night we drove with our friends Miranda and Jed to Winston Salem to see Zac Brown Band.  They were AWESOME!!! 

Last Thursday Nathan and I took my nephew Caine to see the ACC Seniors Barnstorming Tour at Lincolnton High School. It was a fun game and Caine got LOTS of autographs from Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith!

Last weekend was filled with wedding festivities, storms, and .... STREP THROAT.... that put me out of business for a couple days into last week.  The wedding was in Albermarle so Nathan and I spent the weekend at his parents house in Kannapolis so the drive wasnt so bad.  We had such a good time visiting with his parents.

This weekend we met Nathans cousin Dustin and his wife Kasey at Quaker Steak in Concord for some good ol wings!  They were delish and Dustin brought me the most wonderful cupcakes ever made.  They are called Cinnafuls and Im bound and determined to figure out the recipe and make them for myself. 

Saturday morning we woke up early and met at Matt and Brittanyes house to prepare the goody bags for the homeless at As One Ministries in Gastonia.  As One is a wonderful resource for homeless in Gastonia.  They can be fed, shower, and receive the love of Gods people there and Saturday our small group volunteered to feed them.  We prepared Spaghetti and Meatballs with a salad and garlic bread, cookies and fruit punch.  We also sent them away with a goody bag of water, cheese crackers, a banana, and a message about how much God loves them.  We had a blast cooking together and serving.

After that Nathan and I went with the Lee's to Sugar Creek Garden Center for their container days event.  We took four pots and they turned out BEAUTIFUL!   After that we stopped by Fords nursery in downtown Gastonia and I bought this hanging basket.

Nathan and I had already planned to grill hamburgers Saturday night so the Lee's came over and we ate and watched There Will Be Blood.  Let me go ahead and tell you..dont ever watch this movie.  It is long, weird, and will waste valuable time you could be doing something watching paint dry.  I dont understand how critics rate movies!  Even though the movie was terrible we had an awesome day with our friends and no bad movie can ruin that, we just made fun of it! 

Sunday Nathan played with the band at Bethlehem and I had the opportunity to lead worship at The Salt Mine in Charlotte.  Pastor Steve had a wonderful message about the last supper and we took communion together to end the service.  He is such a captivating teacher.  I could listen to him teach all day!  I met Nate back at home and we had lunch togther out on our patio and then I had a meeting with the vocal team at church for our Easter services at Bethlehem.  If you do not have a home church I urge you to visit with us at Bethlehem!  We are having a Saturday night Easter service as well as two on Sunday morning and Im SO excited to be singing with the band!  After practice I came back home and Nathan and I worked in the yard a little and then enjoyed some grilled chicken and a grilled onion.  Im so thankful for the beautiful weather we had this weekend, but please be praying for our fellow North Carolinians.  We were so lucky to not have the severe storms like they did on Saturday morning. 

This week is looking good.  Tonight Im going to go for a run, and working in the yard.  I slipped up a bit this weekend because of the cupcakes, but they were SO GOOD!!!  I have to pick myself up and get back on track now! 

oh, My mom also finished making my new outdoor pillows I just have to stuff them and sew them shut!  Here are two that are already finished!

Ill do a weight update on Wed.


  1. I love your outdoor pillows. So pretty! Looks like you have a nice garden going there, too.

    How much do you love NC? I lived there for 4 years and loved it. We lived in the itty bitty town of Wilkesboro and have family in Winston and Hillcrest.

  2. NC IS the best place in the world. I have done a lot of traveling overseas and here and there and the blue ridge mountains of NC are still the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on this planet.