Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 cups of coffee and DIY network = crazy me!

April Fools is always a fun day for me.  This year I stole a paper clip holder from my manager at work and jelloed it!  Everyone got a kick out of that one! 

Saturday was a beautiful day in the Carolinas!  I woke up and had my coffee, then another cup, and another while I was watching a yard crasher show on DIY.  Let me just tell you, that is NOT a good combination.  After about 20 min. into the show I had decided we were going to build a brick patio in front of our little storage building with the leftover supplies from building our patio last year!  So in a little over an hour and a half it was complete!!

Nathan and I worked outside all day, cleaning out flower beds and mostly doing yard work.  He also cooked a Boston Butt on the grill while we were working and our friends Matt and Brittnye came over for supper.  It was so nice outside we got to use our new patio table set for the first time! 

Im not sure if I told you about the chair I found on the side of the road, but this is it!  I spray painted it red and now Im just looking for the perfect pot to sit in the seat to make a beatiful piece for my garden.

Sunday was wonderful as well, we went to the early service and heard a great message by Dickie and then went to Martha Rivers Park for a picnic lunch and a little walk.  When we got home we washed our cars and relaxed while we watched the ACM Awards.  I have to say...I'm not a Taylor Swift fan, but she is really stepping it up here lately!  I'm proud of her, she sounded great on the show, which is a pretty big feat to sound good on live TV! 

This week is going to be pretty exciting.  We had a horrible storm last night and had no power this morning, its still not back on to my knowledge.  Hopefully it will be back by tonight, Nathan has been begging me to cook Hot Dogs for supper! lol It doesnt take much to please him.  Tomorrow we are driving to Winston Salem to see Zac Brown Band.  We will be a little late because I cant get off work early, but it will be worth the drive, they are AWESOME!  Thursday night we are taking my nephew Caine to a Basketball game at Lincolnton High School where Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith will be palying on teh team.  Nathan and Caine are SO excited about this game!  Friday Im off work because Nathan's cousin Adrienne is getting married and they live in Albermarle, so Nathan and I are going to spend the weekend at his parents house in Concord so we can save a little $ on gas driving all teh way back to Gastonia a million times!  Im singign in the wedding so we have to be at rehersal and all that fun stuff.  Im looking forward to it, his family is so sweet and Im so happy for Adrienne!  Sunday morning we are going to church with Nathans family because his little niece Landry is singing in church for the first time!  She is a doll!

Hope everyone has a great week and weekend!

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  1. just wanted to say i really enjoy reading (and creeping) your blog hehe :)

    sounds like youve got some fun things going on right now, and some even better things to look forward to! <3