Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cream of Mushroom Soup

I had lunch with a friend today and I ordered their special, which included cream of mushroom soup.  I've never had cream of mushroom soup by itself, so I tried it and it was WONDERFUL!  WOW!!!  It was SO good.   I wanted Nate to taste it today so I decided to make it for supper tonight!  It turned out just as good as I hoped!  Today is also a special day because two years ago today, Nathan asked me to marry him!  It was so funny the way he did it.  We were going to paint his kitchen that day and I got to his house and he called me into the kitchen.  He had this HORRIBEL ugly picutre of jallepenos up on the wall asking me if I thought it would look good there once we painted the kitchen.  I insisted that he was insane but HE insisted that I go take the picture down to try another one... so I finally did, and he had the ring hanging on the nail behind the picture!  I turned around after I saw it and he asked me if I would marry him and of course I said yes, and the rest is history!  Im so in love with him and fall more in love with him every day!  God has blessed me so much, and has blessed our marriage, I thank GOD every day for my life!  Im so blessed....

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