Sunday, February 14, 2010


Nathan and i have been married for about a year and a half.  For the first year of our marriage we lived in China Grove, NC.  Nate already had a house there and so we lived there until we could sell and buy something in a better location for us.  I work in Lincolnton so that was a heck of a drive everyday and with us being so far away we never got any pets.  I've always wanted a dog, not one that is just an outside dog that you just go to feed and not do anything else with, but one that is actually apart of the family, where you see their personality come out and learn to love things about them and they love things about you.  I have to say, we were inspired to get a pet by our friends.  They have dogs and they are so sweet and such a big part of their family now, we wanted to have that too!  So I started looking on  We were going to get a dog from the pound or somewhere like that, but I looked and looked and saw some cute ones, but never THE one.  But one day I stumbled across Coco!  She is from the Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas.  These folks are hard core about their dogs.  They rescue them from really bad situations and put them in VERY good homes.  The dogs are fully vetted once you get them.  Anywho, I found Coco there and immediatly fell in love with her.  So we contacted the organization and filled out the adoption papers.  I personally think their adoption process is a little much, but I understand that these dogs have come from very bad situations and they want only the best for them. 

Our new baby Coco wasnt even born when she was rescued.  Her mommy was found in an old abandoned house along with several other breeds of dogs.  Someone had dumped them there and left them for dead.  Luckily someone found her and send her to the rescue.  Anita, the lady over the rescue, took Coco's mom to the vet just for a normal check up.  She had no idea that she was even pregnant, and she started having the babys in her lap!  She got to help deliver all the babys, but Coco's mom was so sick she couldnt take care of her new babys so they had to be bottle fed and kept up by the rescue.  Coco's mom is a Schnauzer, but we dont know what her dad is.  Were thinking Dotson, or Basset.  She is so beautiful!  She is the only one of the puppies that was light colored, all the rest were dark colors.  She also is the independent one of the group.  She is 14 weeks old today, and she weighs 12lbs! 

When we went to get her today Nate and I didnt know what to do if something was wrong or if we didnt feel right about something, so Nate said, I'll know by the look on your face and if you pick her up and she starts licking you it will all be over!... She licked my face... but not very nasty, just cute. 

We got her home after taking a little visit to petsmart and she is pretty freaked out I think.  We got her a bed and as soon as we sat the bed down, she immediatly went to it and thats where she has been ever since!  Luckily Im off work tomorrow, so I'll get to spend all day with her and get to know her a little better.  I cant wait for her to feel like she's at home! 

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