Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a day...

I dont intend on blogging everyday, but there was just so much excitement today.... that I had to tell everyone! Today we woke up this morning and I made breakfast.  Eggs, grits, and bacon!  My eggs were runny, mixed in with my grits (which were cheese grits...(homemade)) and Nates were scrambeld.  It was a very tasty breakfast I must say, but very fatening probably.  I really havent ate a lot this weekend, but I feel like I've gained 9408234092 lbs! If it werent for the ice we would straight be going to the gym in the morning, but I am worried the roads will be too bad at 4:45 AM.  Since our date was canceled today at Nates granny's church, and no churches were having service around here, we went to church online!  We listened to a message online at a church we have visited a couple times called The Salt Mine. It was an awesome message, and it got our day started off right! I really wanted to go out and play in the snow yesterday, but I didnt want to get snowballs shoved down my throat.  Nate has been threatening me ever since they said we MIGHT get snow this weekend.  So, I made him promise today, no snowballs.  We put on about 5 layers of clothes and ventured out.  We didnt have any sleds, we dont have four wheelers, and the snow was too fluffy to make a snow man, so we made a half igloo!  We pretended we were on survivor man, well not really, but we did feel a little like Les.  We love watching survivor man!  We got our igloo half built and decided we'd had enough for the day so we go back to the house only to find.... WE LOCKED OURSELVES OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!! OMG!!!!!  I've locked myself out before, but I've always had a spare key hidden somewhere.  Even in my car, my dad always made me keep a spare key in a little box that attached underneath my car!  Not today however... only mere inches from the LOCKED door were both sets of keys! Oh, btw.... we had no phone either!  So, we thought about just busting a window pane out of the door, but it is all one big window with wood frames on either side, then we tried to get a hammer to pry it open, that didnt work so we tried a garden trowel, that didnt work, so then we tried a metal towel hook thingy Nate had on his golf towel...that didnt work, paper clip....that didnt work.  So.... we had to make the walk of shame to the neighbors house to use the phone!  Luckily we know a couple who lives down the street.  So we went down and used their phone.  Im so thankful to have nice neighbors!  It wasnt long, probably about 20 minutes or so till the locksmith came. He had the door open in about 2 minutes.  Its really amazing how they do that.  It kind of makes me feel a little unsafe!  That was too easy for him to open our door!  Oh well.  So $55.00 later, in case your wondering...that is the going fee for breaking in your house, we got back in and warmed up.  We played 3 games of wii bowling and one 9 hole of golf.  I kicked Nates tail on that one!  I had a -1 he had +11!  I have no clue about golf, but I kept getting "birdies" and evidently thats a good thing!  Then we watched The Sandlot!  We had won the movie at a Christmas party this year and Nate had NEVER seen it before!  That is a GREAT movie!  I forgot how good it was.  By the time the movie was over, I was going stir crazy so we went to Aldi for a few groceries we needed.  For all you bargain shoppers out there, Aldi ROCKS!  We got a TON of stuff today for about $30.00.  I love yogurt covered raisins and they had them for way less than normal grocery stores do.  Anywho, now we are back at home, watching The Matrix marathon on AMC. Nate nor I have ever seen these movies.  Thats all for today, just thought you guys would like to know about my interesting day!  :)  I've never been so glad to get to go to work on Monday!  lol

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