Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Aunt Helen

I had a bitter sweet weekend. 

My Aunt Helen is my mom's older sister.  I will always remember her laugh, her love for singing, music, the mountains, and her spirit of giving.  I will also remember her jalapeno poppers and the Christmas she must have forgotten to take the seeds out!  She swore she took out all the seeds, but those poppers were so hot, everybody was running for the drink table after eating one!  They were so good, she did cream cheese, and bacon in them.  My Aunt Helen passed away Monday morning at 1:30 after a very quick and short fight with cancer.  Her battle was no more than a month.  She went from seemingly healthy with a gallbladder problem to being in Heaven in a matter of weeks.  When they first took her to CMC - Charlotte a couple weeks ago, Nathan and I went to see her one day after work.  She was in an ICU unit and I went in expecting her to be out of it and look terrible.  We went in and laughed and had a great time!  A couple weeks went by and each report brought bad news.  In the end she had sclerosis of the liver, brain and lung cancer.  She was not a drinker or smoker.  On Saturday morning, one of her lungs collapsed and they said she wouldn't survive much longer like that.  My sisters and I went to see her that afternoon, they had started her on morphine so she was out of it but still alert enough that when she came to, she knew who we were when we walked in the room and held her hand.  As soon as she saw us she asked for my mom to get a camera and take a picture of us girls!  I will cherish this picture..

The hospice nurse came in while we were there and through the morphine she managed to ask the nurse how much longer she would be like this, and the nurse told her that they were going to take her home and keep her comfortable and that when the Lord was ready to take her she would be with him.  I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest.  I've never witnessed someone in this moment, the moment they were told how much life is here on this world.  She just nodded her head and dozed back off to sleep.  I know my Aunt Helen is in heaven with Jesus, she was a wonderful woman full of love and joy.  She loved to sing and listen to music and I know she is singing in heaven now.  I know that she had so much joy and peace because she knew this was her temporary home! 

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