Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nascar, Shopping and Burgers

For our three year anniversary I bought a deal on Groupon for a 3 lap Nascar Experience ride.  During the Christmas season we had taken my neice and nephew to see the lights at the speedway and they had a display there about the ride and I asked Nathan if he would rather ride or drive and he said he would rather ride because you go faster when you ride, so the next week, what do you know!  the deal was on groupon so I snatched it up for him and gave it to him on our anniversary!  I already had his ride time scheduled and we went this past Saturday!  Here are some pics! 

After Nates ride we went to Carolina Place mall and did some shopping!   I won the Biggest Looser competition at work this time!  Im now at 179 and I only have 29 more lbs to go!  woohoo!!!  I had been running but the heat has been unbearable latley so I stopped and lost about 4lbs!  I gain muscle really easily.  Anyway, I won $152 from the competition so i bought some shirts from NY&Company and some new panties from VS.  I seriously needed new panties... Im talking... holes in my old ones! haha!  After we shopped we went to Big Daddys Burger Bar in Ballentyne and it was AWESOME... except I hated myself after I ate that huge burger...but... it was so good!  haha!  

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. What is this Biggest Loser competition at work?? Scott has not said anything about it!! Haha....$152! That's awesome! Plus a weight loss & new panties! Haha

  2. looks like a TON of fun! :)

    and congrats on all the weight loss! you totally shouldn't feel one ounce of guilt about that burger. anything from big daddy is completely worth it.

  3. Oh fun!!!! My husbands birthday is coming up and he would soooo love this. So far I got him a 50 minute massage (only $19 on and I am going to get him either a camera backpack or a camping tent. Can't decide.

    (sshhhhh.) :)