Friday, February 25, 2011

The weekend....

I think Im on a roll with my blogging!  Anyway.... can anyone say TGIF!  Even for a short week it was way too long!  So this is what my weekend is looking like so far....

Saturday morning hubby is getting a hair cut... Im nervous but excited.. he looks good no matter what!  (lucky him!)  He's thinking about cutting off all his lovely locks, Im okay either way.

 As you can see... Im a winner either way!

After the haircut...Im hoping to get to work in my yard for a bit.  The past spring and fall I pretty much became addicted to my yard and working outside.  We planted over 200 things plus laid a stone paver patio.  This year I get to enjoy and maintain it!  Here are some pics I am O so proud of!

This is a before shot...

This pic was taken about July 2010 all the flowers got much bigger and the bannana tree to the left was as tall as the umbrella on my dining set!  Also the canna lilies in front were taller than me, I hated cutting them down :(  I put a lot of our leftover leaves in my flower beds this winter for insulation and mulch, it seems to have served its purpose because i have some creeping Jenny already coming back.  So this weekend I need to get all those leaves up and start pulling weeds in the front yard. 

After that on Saturday My sister, mom, neice and nephew are all going to go out to eat at Southpark for my lovely Sissy's birthday!  You can check out her blog Little Carrigan.  As well as eating we are going to go shopping for me!  I have to find something to wear to a wedding my hubby is in next weekend and I have NOTHING! 

Sunday AM we will go to Bethelhem Church for early service.  We just joined about a month ago and are loving it!  After that lunch in Kannapolis with the inlaws! 

Wow... Im tired already....

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  1. The hair looks good either way I agree but much cleaner after. Met you on 20sb! :) Cute blog! Love the background.