Friday, September 17, 2010

I love fall!

I just had to say it!


There's just something about football games, marching bands, the apple festival, the chill in the air, the warm colors, falling leaves, just the crisp, freshness of it all....

It makes me excited that Christmas is coming! 

One thing I need to work on is becoming a better seasonal decorator.  Today I went to Dollar Tree and Dollar General and got some little fall accessories for my house.  I didnt want to spend a lot because honestly I have NO clue what to do with them.  I love to decorate my house just for normal, but theres something about seasonal decorations when I do them that well... I think just looks tacky!  I go into other peoples homes and its so warm and inviting lol  any suggestions on how to make it more appealing?  Not just fall, but Christmas too, things just look cluttered when I put them out...

Kimmie... HELP ME!  :) 

Also, did I mention Im SUPER excited about our band playing at the Apple Festival this coming Saturday?  If your in the area, we will be playing at the 5/3rd stage from 12:30-1:15  then its Taylor Made Unplugged at 1:30 at Freedom Church then New Life Saturday Night at Dallas Wesleyan begining at 7:30 Saturday night!  Its a full day of Taylor Made Music and I hope you can come see us at least at one! 

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  1. hahaha!! Somehow I missed reading your post and just now saw it....Thanks for the shout out!!! I liked your mantle...the pics looked great! Of course I would love to help...I'm going to finish decorating tomorrow!! Love ya sissy!!