Monday, September 27, 2010


Well I hate to be a pessamist, but I dont see my Panthers winning ANY games this year unless SOMETHING changes or if there is another team out there as horrible as we are.... which would be pretty hard to find! 

Nathan and I went to the game yesterday and had AWESOME seats!  The tickets were given to us and it was the best seats we have EVER had!  Section 101, row 15!  It was a really neat experience to sit that low and have the players that close to you.  We tailgated before the game with Nathans dad who grilled AMAZING buffalo chicken thighs!  I made my taco dip and one of the guys fiances made the best peach pie that I have ever ate!  It had cream cheese in it and it was soooo yummy!  There was a little damper on the day though, litterally... the day was VERY damp.  Nathan was so dissapointed because he ALWAYS says "todays gonna be a pretty day cause it NEVER rains when the Panthers play"  until this point his little theory for the most part was true.  The majority of games we have been to have been beautiful and sunny and if not sunny just a little overcast.  Its snowed a few times, but other than that, its mostly really pretty weather.  Not Sunday!  Last week it was 90 and sunny, this week it was cool and rainy!  haha, Nate was kind of dissapointed he had such good seats but horrible weather, but we had a great time anyway!  Here are a few pics!

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