Monday, June 21, 2010


Im so excited about what God is doing in our ministry these days.  Back toward the first of the year I found myself praying often, that if it was His will, He would send Nathan and I band members.  Up until this point it has only been Nathan and I, and before Nathan it was just me!  When I pray for our ministry, my prayers are very simple.  First of all, I give it all back to Him daily, then I pray that his will be done in it, open doors he wants open, close doors that need to be closed, and to have favor and lead us in whatever He wants us to do.  I had a longing in my heart for a band to play with us, and I knew that he would not place that desire there if it was not of him because of the way I had been praying.  So a couple months after praying this, things began to fall into place!  Nathan and I were invited to lead worship for a new church in Gastonia called The Fathers House.  Its located at the Gaston Co. YMCA.  A good friend of ours who we used to play with at our home church had contacted us about this and he plays bass, so of course we wanted him to play with us!  As a side note, one of the many reasons we wanted a band was for Nathan to get to play his electric guitar.  This boy is CRAZY tallented, and playing acoustic all the time is just not the same and very restrictive to someone who normally plays leads on electric.  He never complained, but I knew he wanted to play pretty bad too.  So anyway, since we had a bass player all we needed was a drummer to complete our little set up so Nate could play electric.  We called up our good friend Jeremy and there it began.  We played a little worship set that morning, having NEVER practiced together and made it through with flying colors!  Nathan and I had a date booked that following weekend for a full concert type setting so we recruited the guys and they came and we did it again, no practice, and this time a 45 min. set.  With many less mistakes as would have been expected I knew we had something special with these guys.  Our newest member, who we also played at our home church with recently joined us on keys this week, and is an awesome asset to the team!  We are set to record 4 of our original songs on July 17th, and we are so excited about what all God is doing!  He directs our paths and orders our steps.  Pray HIS will for you life, pray HE orders your steps.  Give it to him, and then trust that he knows best!  Even if it doesnt happen when you think or how you think it should, doesnt mean NO from God.  Trust in Him today to give you his BEST!  We are his children and he gives his kids good gifts, not junk! 

Taylor Made: (from left)
Nathan Taylor
Laura Taylor
Jeremy Pendleton
Phil Barker
Vince Willbanks
Brenda Barker (on camera) 

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