Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Do - Year #2!

Yesterday was the closest thing to perfect that we can have here on earth!  I just want to start out by saying that I have the most wonderful husband and he went above and beyond this year in the romantic and thoughtful department!

My day started off pretty early, Nathan said he had to run some errands and for me to get ready while he was gone.  He had told me a couple weeks ago that he had a scavenger hunt planned out for our anniversary!  So I got ready and the excitement began.  He told me to get in my card and instructions would be there for the rest.  So I did and he had a card waiting for me on the steering wheel.  It said that the scavanger hunt represented our journey in life and included the address of my first stop, so I put it in my GPS and off I went.  This first stop took me to Franklin Square.  All I had was the address so I had no idea which building it was so I put the address in my phone and it was Krispy Kreme!  :)  I got VERY excited at this point lol.  The card also told me that when I got there I was to go inside and tell them I need to pick something up for Laura, so I did and the lady behind the counter handed me a Chocolate covered Kreme filled doughnut, a bottle of milk, and a card!  So I went back to my car and opened the card!  It said that this stop is to show how sweet our love is for each other!!  :)  I had a BIG ole smile by this point, and couldnt wait to see where I was headed next.  So I plugged in the address in my phone and discovered my next stop was Lowes!  So I scarfed down my doughnut which was O SO GOOD, and headed into Lowes.  My card instructed me to see customer service.  So I went in and had to wait in line but when the girls asked how they could help I told them I needed to pick up something for Laura, and said ARE YOU HER?  And I said yes and they said We were wondering what you looked like, are there any other men in the world like your husband?!  You better treat him right!  haha this made me feel like a MILLION bucks!  Then they handed me another card and a Red Forever & Ever Hydrangia.  I thanked them and went to my car to read the next card.  It said that the hydrangia is actually a hybrid of two different kinds and when it matures it makes beautiful red blooms and this was just like us we came together as two to make one and every day we mature and get better!  It was at this point, the woman in me came out and I cried like a baby!  Im so blessed!  :)  My next stop, after I plugged in the address, I found out was Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens!  I was estatic over this one because I had been begging Nate to take me there since we moved to Gastonia a year ago!  I got there and Nate was waiting on me in the parking lot with my admission braclet ready to go.  We toured the gardens and they were absolutly gorgeous!  It was HOT outside, but it was still fun, and I was happy when I saw that they had some of the same plants as I do in my flower garden!  When we were finished there He gave me another card which had a gift certificate to get a manicure and pedicure!  So I went and did that and then went home so I could give him his new TOMS shoes (it pales in comparison, I know...)  He also had a giftbag waiting on me at home with a beautiful glass flower vase with our wedding date and names engraved and the # 2 for our second year along with a picture frame that had a wedding picture of us and then a picture from our last cruise we took! He also had went to Harris Teeter and bought half a cow.... not litterally, but they were the biggest steaks I've ever seen!  So for supper we had steak, sauteed mushrooms and we were supposed to have a grilled videllia onion, but we were so full we couldnt even eat them!

We also got our new washer and dryer installed yesterday, which took FOREVER since they are in like a hallway type room.  They ROCK!  I did 2 loads of laundry, washed and dried, while we watched a movie!  It was fantastic!!!!  :)  The only bad part about that is, that they are larger than the old washer and dryer and our bifold doors wont fit back now!  So... we have to figure something out there....  but for now I have no doors lol

I just had to share this day with everone, it was one of those days that was so wonderful you just dont want it to end!  Im so thankful for Nathan and our marriage.  It hasnt all been perfect like yesterday.  No ones is!  But Im also thankful for all the imperfect moments because they make days like yesterday all the more special.  Those imperfect days are the days we grow, and the perfect ones are there to remind us that we survived!

Be Blessed!!

Oh Look!  A fat girl eatin a doughnut!  Who woulda thunk it! 

A Pink Pineapple Plant?!


Lantana = my fav!  I have some of this in my garden!  Not this big but just as pretty IMO!

Me w/ my awesome Hubby!

In the greenhouse!


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