Monday, April 5, 2010

Yard Plans: Update

This weekend Nathan and I spent Saturday outside!  Nathan has been planning on cooking a Boston Butt for months, and this Saturday he got to do it!  Nate is an AWESOME griller (is that what you call it?)  he only cooks on charcol, and I love it that way.  It took about 6 hrs to cook, but it was SO worth it!  We worked outside in the yard all while smelling that WONDERFUL smell.

We got the tree line prepared for the Azalea's by pushing back all the leaves that were at the edge of the yard, we got shovels and just threw them back and also trimmed some branches back that were way too low.  There are a lot of leaves back there, so Im thinking about starting a leaf compost pile to use for nutrients next year.  I dont know for sure if I will do it yet, but that would save a lot of $$ and there are a lot of nutirents in the decomposing leaves that the flowers and plants need.  I also got all the weeds up out of the flower beds and sprayed round up where I could.  Nathan raked up all the pine needles so we would be able to till up the beds and plant the new flowers and shrubs.

While Nathan was raking up the pine needles around the tree we came across our first snake!  It was a baby and it was sliver/grayish.  Nate chopped its head off!  I know your not supposed to kill snakes, especially black snakes, or garder snakes, but I HATE snakes, and if its alive and I see it, I want it DEAD!

We also marked off the lines for our new patio that will be built next year.  I had a can of black spraypaint and so we did our markings but I ran out so we had to use flour for hte rest of the lines.  I wanted to do this so I could kill the grass in these areas.  I love using round up.  I dont have the pre mixed kind either, its the concentrate with the pump tank/sprayer and everything!  Sunday when we came home from easter at Granny's the grass was already dying!  I love it!  :)

Thursday Nate and I are going to go to Kannapolis and plant shop with Nathans mom and dad, so we will have everything ready to go on Saturday!  Its almost time to plant, and I cant wait!

Oh another thing, I had an idea about my herb garden.  Do you think it would be pretty to do a container garden there?  I also want to plan some veggies like squash, zuchini, and peppers!  Any suggestions?!

this is the space in question!


  1. i think you should do some pretty shrubs and plants in this area b/c it is at the entrance of your house. I would do herbs and veggies in the back somewhere. You don't want it to look weedy,(which herbs and veggies can sometimes look.) you want it to be neater. Thats my opinion!! loves ya

  2. This is true Kimmie, good point. I thought it would be a good space because its right off the kitchen and would be easy access when I need them. The container Garden would be different sized pots with different herbs in them, I thought that would add some color and make it a more unique space.