Monday, April 19, 2010

Almost Crusin Time!

I only have to tough it out 1 more week and then I will be cruisin on the open seas!  :)  I get giddy when I think about it.  I can close my eyes and feel that ocean breeze blowing through my hair as I look out over the ocean from the boat and all I can see for miles and miles and miles is WATER!  Beautiful beautiful water!  I feel so blessed to be able to go on vacations.  I know many people especially in this economy who cannot afford to go anywhere much less a cruise.   So thank you Lord for blessing me with the means to be able to go and enjoy myself, but I pray for all those who cant right now.  I just pray a special blessing on them that you would send them restoration just like a vacation restores us!  Make a way for them to go somewhere to get away with their family, or just send you spirit to refresh and renew them!

We are going to Key West, Nassau and leaving from Jacksonville.  I've been on a cruise like this before in fact it was my first one and I had a blast, so Im sure this will not be any different!   Last summer Nathan and I didnt do much clothes shopping because we were so busy with trying to get the house ready to sale, so my summer attire selection was rather thin and worn out.  I am to the point that I HATE spending $$ on myself.  Usually I buy things for the house or for Nathan, but I had to get some new clothes and Nate needed some too.  We have found some good deals so far though, so that helps!

I dont think we want to do an excursion off the boat this time around.  For one reason, they are very expensive and for another, I just havent seen anything Im DYING to do.  So.... Do any of you have any suggestions for what we can do in Key West, Nassau, or even Jacksonville?

Ahh... home sweet home!  For 5 days at least!  :)  

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